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“We have been an energy city since 2012. We also have an energy concept. Climate protection and energy transition have long been an issue. But we only have limited resources to implement our ideas. As a larger urban community, we spend enormous sums on education and social affairs every year. We haven't managed to budget for the replacement of the leaky window sills in the parish hall. If the energy transition is to reach the communities, then the federal government and the cantons will have to take on completely different finances."

"Houses are constantly being renovated here without energy-efficiency renovation becoming an issue. There is a lack of sensitivity. But we also noticed that the architects play a key role here. If they don't have the people involved in the planning draw attention to the topic, often nothing happens. The topic of energy must automatically be an issue in the construction planning."

 Workshop in Rotkreuz


Something is moving

In the field of community infrastructure (heating, insulation, PV) and administrative activities, questions of sustainable energy management are increasingly becoming a strategic issue.

In view of the fact that heating systems are currently the biggest "CO2 emitters", municipalities see themselves more and more as drivers of the energy transition in the entire municipal area and are asking themselves how they can/should shape their influence.

The approach of a change in society as a whole puts communication and cooperation with the population at the center.

At community level, the energy issue is increasingly appearing as an integral part of overall resource planning.

There are stumbling blocks

  • Lack of financial, human, political and technical resources.

  • Too little knowledge in the population and administration.

  • Area of conflict: strategy development versus implementation of individual projects.

  • Lack of cooperation with other municipalities and stakeholders.


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Priorities from the perspective of the participants
  • Strategic plan and process design

  • Communication – a core topic with many facets

  • Communication and information are not enough – advice and support are necessary

  • From individual projects to joint projects

  • Everything stands and falls with the financing

  • Good legal foundations are a key to energy policy in the communities

Industrial Area

The Result

Based on the priorities set by the workshop participants, the MUNICIPAL team is now preparing two initial questions for community representatives and stakeholders from business, research and civil society to process.

In particular, it will be about:

  1. strategy developments . From Net Zero Vision to Implementation: Where Do We Stand in Our Community Today? What exactly does the net zero goal mean for our community? How do we get there   along with population and economy, and as part of our overall community strategy?

  2. Decentralized electricity production using photovoltaic systems . Self-consumption, self-consumption communities, networks, storage, forms of organization and business models, access of tenants to production possibilities.

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